4 guys are “Bowling to Vegas”. Sometimes it would be nice to be an unemployed wealthy industrialist.

So we – Mike, Matt, Derek and Todd – have decided to cruise through the countryside where we hope to meet unique people, enjoy the scenery, drink, and of course, bowl. We’re Bowling to Vegas, so buy us a round – we want you to be a part of it.


is a cool-sounding Spanish film based on a cool-sounding idea:

that luck can be exchanged. That is, it can be stolen, accumulated and gambled, like money. The film takes this notion and runs with it, creating a parallel universe where gamblers steal fresh luck from unwitting victims to improve their chances in games of pure chance. No Slot Gacor Hari Ini faces or counting cards here. In one game, the players’ heads are smeared with treacle in a darkened room and a glowing praying mantis is released. Whoever the insect lands on, wins. In another, the competitors must run through a forest blindfolded with their hands behind their backs. The winner is the last one to hit a tree.

The film rights have been bought by Disney so they can bring the U.S. a dumbed-down blockbuster version of the film (a la Open Your Eyes). I’d like to get my hands on this film but it doesn’t get released on DVD until June 24. I put it on my Amazon wishlist in the meantime.


Pop quiz: which popular online news site had these headlines today?

Mob Boss Admits Insanity Was a Ruse

Space Walk Underway

Bouncing Banteng Born To Iowa Cow

If you guessed The Onion, you’re way off. These are the three headlines under the “Nation” section of The Washington Post.

The story about Vincent “The Chin” Gigante’s 30-year facade of acting like an insane person with a 70-IQ while actually leading the Genovese crime family really needs to be made into a movie though.

Vincent “the Chin” Gigante dropped his three decade-long ruse today and acknowledged that he had tricked doctors into believing he was a low IQ, mental incompetent who paraded around Greenwich Village in his pajamas and a bathrobe.

I see Dan Hedaya as The Oddfather and Ralph Macchio as his son, with Hector Elizondo as one of the family psychiatrists and Delroy Lindo as the determined prosecutor. Throw in a love interest from Rosie Perez and comic relief from Seann William Scott, and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed blockbuster!

mitch hedberg comes to town

Mitch Hedberg is coming to Cap City Comedy Club, June 19-22! He is one hilarious stand-up comic. “I don’t have a girlfriend. I just have a girl who would get really mad if she heard me say that.” It’s good to see a really high profile comic come through town. Link

The best stand-up I ever saw was Jake Johannsen at the Bad Dog Comedy Theater a couple years ago. I’m really hanging out to see him again, he was totally up my alley. Unfortunately based on the tour dates on his website he’s coming nowhere near Texas this year. He will be in Vegas in late July… maybe I’ll take a jaunt there