Casino Malaysia $2/3 – A GOOD GAME

We invited a couple of old friends out for a Casino Malaysia night at Burswood in Perth. I had recently been introduced to Craps, and was keen to play again and show my wife and friends how the game was played. Our plan was to have dinner, play craps, then if time permitted Steve and […]

$50 newest online casinos every 4 hours

  Guaranteed Tournaments: Guaranteed Tournaments are generally multitable tournaments with more than 10 players. Guaranteed means that there is a Guaranteed prize pool, no matter how many entrants are in the tournament. Guaranteed tournaments have a buy-in and entry fee. Usually the prize pool is Guaranteed above the maximum number of players in the tournament, […]

For WIL rtp online

  Not long ago, when I was on quite a roll in those WWdN tourneys, I was SO confident in my play (at least as compared to Wil’s) that I made him a wager. If he outlasted me, I said (or typed), I’d write a piece of “Star Trek” fan fiction. I won. But, because […]

Help sbo WANTED!

  Peter Jennings got to me. Poor guy quit smoking for 20 years, then started again after 9/11. Now he’ll need a 2 outer on the river to keep hope alive. I hope he pulls through, lung cancer’s a royal bitch. With Peter in mind, I’ve been chewing Orange flavored “Nicorette” since first contact with […]

Does He Have an slothoki Overpair?

  It was my second attempt at the Poker Journal Keeper’s NL Texas Hold ‘Em tournament on Planet Poker, generously organized by Felicia Lee. Apparently most bloggers have become frightened of the talent because they all stayed home!!! Come on, grow a pair and get in the game. This week, we had just 8 players. […]

Lexus RX Hybrid Confirmed for Next Year

The Power of a V8 and the Economy of a Four-Cylinder Even though the Toyota Prius has grown up for 2004, sporting more interior room and hatchback versatility, without a doubt there will be consumers wanting more. More size, more performance and more luxury will be the calling cards of the upcoming Lexus RX Hybrid, […]

Cadillac Escalade-V to Sport V12 Power

New V12 Only Suitable for Escalade for the Time Being Soon after the CTS-V hits the road Cadillac is said to be readying a tuned version of its full-size Escalade SUV. The Escalade-V will sport V12 power, the first to do so in the crested-wreath brand since 1937. The all-aluminum, dual-overhead cam engine, first shown […]

New Saab 9-2 to Be Reworked Subaru

GM Needs to Ask, Who in North America Would Buy a Saab Trailblazer? The assimilation process has begun. Quirky Swedish automaker Saab, 50% owned by General Motors, will now lose its legendary identity in the name of sustainability. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz stated, “We could keep on treating Saab like a protected species that […]