Lexus RX Hybrid Confirmed for Next Year

The Power of a V8 and the Economy of a Four-Cylinder Even though the Toyota Prius has grown up for 2004, sporting more interior room and hatchback versatility, without a doubt there will be consumers wanting more. More size, more performance and more luxury will be the calling cards of the upcoming Lexus RX Hybrid, […]

Cadillac Escalade-V to Sport V12 Power

New V12 Only Suitable for Escalade for the Time Being Soon after the CTS-V hits the road Cadillac is said to be readying a tuned version of its full-size Escalade SUV. The Escalade-V will sport V12 power, the first to do so in the crested-wreath brand since 1937. The all-aluminum, dual-overhead cam engine, first shown […]

New Saab 9-2 to Be Reworked Subaru

GM Needs to Ask, Who in North America Would Buy a Saab Trailblazer? The assimilation process has begun. Quirky Swedish automaker Saab, 50% owned by General Motors, will now lose its legendary identity in the name of sustainability. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz stated, “We could keep on treating Saab like a protected species that […]