Who is Your Target Audience?

Copy writing for Facebook ads for real estate is a vital component of an online real estate marketing strategy. When done correctly it will not only appeal to the buyers browsing your site or your listing on one of the portals. It will also be appealing to another audience, the search engines.

Buyers like reading and get excited about catchy real estate phrases which could include words like Breathtaking, Magnificant, Exceptional, Stunning, Delightfull and Spectacular. But do the search engines really care? They don’t.

Search engines like to  read more descriptive copy of the property you have listed. Phrases like Prime Real Estate in Dalkeith, Property in Dalkeith, Located in Dalkeith. Phrases like these will be indexed into the search engines and appear in search results for people searching property.

So why should your online real estate copy be appealing to search engines? Well the answer quite simply is for it to be found by more people. Not only are you targeting an audience searching through portals but you have also increased the listed properties chances of being found through seach engines.

Combining Online Real Estate Copy for Both Audiences

When you sit down to write your copy, consider the following tips;

Use 3 keywords/Phrases which best describe the listing and repeat these in the Title and the body of your copy.

Avoid writing copy which is less than 250 words.

Write your copy with a coversational tone.

A listing title optimized for both audiences would include phrases like Prime Real Estate in Dalkeith with Spectacular Views of the Swan River. This title, allthough still appealing to buyers will also be appealing to search engines who will include it in their index for your keywords.

I am looking forward to reading some sensational real estate copy in the future. Good luck.


If you navigate your car through a busy intersection and fail to keep an eye on the traffic around you, chances are that that is where your journey will end. Much is the same in implementing your online real estate marketing strategy. It’s as important to stay in touch with how your strategy is faring through out the plan as it is to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.  I would like to suggest a few tools that can help you track the progress of your online strategy and also to stay in touch with what people are saying about you and about your competitors.

SEO is all about raising the popularity of your web pages in the search engines so the first tool I suggest is Keyword Rank Checker by Cuterank. This free (and safe) download enables you to track the keywords and phrases you have optimized your pages for. It’s a simple download and install and covers the major search engines.

Next you will want to keep track of your link exchanges. I use Yahoo site explorer which enables you to track which websites link back to you. If there are sites that you have only recently exchanged links with then don’t worry if you can’t see it straight away. You will need a little patience for the link to be indexed. you can also use a standard Google search command which is “link:www.yourwebsiteaddress.com” by entering this command into Google the only search results that will be returned are of web pages that link to your site.

So it’s now time to find out if your website or blog is getting mentioned on other sites. Google Blogs is a search functionality which will search blogs to find out what people are writing about you and your business in blogs. This tool can even return search results which can not be found in the main Google index.

A successful online marketing strategy isn’t achieved over night. It takes some time and effort and most importantly monitoring it’s progress so that you can tweak parts of your campaign where needed. Good Luck!!