New 4Porte to Incorporate 400-HP V8

Maserati, the legendary Italian marque now owned and operated by Ferrari, has just released photos of its forthcoming Quattroporte, a tease in preparation to showing the car in the flesh as part of the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show on September 9.

The Trident brand has a forty-year history of producing luxury 4-doors with supercar performance, and this latest version should be quite capable of carrying the torch forward.

Under the long, elegant hood lies nothing less than the same Ferrari derived 400-hp V8 that motivates the brands 4200 GT Coupe and Spyder (convertible) models. Gear actuation will be via a conventional gated 6-speed manual or high-tech Cambiocorsa 6-speed sequential manual with automatic mode.

Its elegant shape was penned by Pininfarina design house, the carrozzeria responsible for the Ferrari 360 Modena, 456M and 575M, as well as some of the most beautiful classic Ferraris ever made.

Inside the cabin, the spaciousness of a full-size luxury car allows comfortable cruising for five adults. Like all Maseratis, no expense will be spared in materials or hand crafted workmanship, with the opportunity for the brands exclusive clientele to personalize their Quattroporte down to its finest detail.

The only details that cant be individualized are the cars exterior dimensions, which measure 198.9-inches in length, 74.6-inches in width, 56.6-inches in height, and a 120.6-inch wheelbase.
Maserati is banking on this next-generation Quattroporte to boost its sales substantially, while fulfilling Enzos dream of building the 4-door Ferrari, something the prancing horse customer would never accept.