There are virtually 100s of various ways you will be able to generate website traffic as an affiliate, but actually it all boils down to two common types of traffic – free traffic and paid traffic.


Most people have a lot more time than money, so they start out with “free website traffic” techniques.


These include things like …


Writing articles and submitting them to article directories

Producing websites and doing “search engine optimization”

Making “content rich” videos to post on sites like YouTube

Posting in message boards, free classified ad sites, Craigslist, etc.

Selling on Facebook and other social networking sites

Regrettably, as you might already know if you have tested some of these things, there are dozens of problems with all of these types of “free website traffic” sources.


For one thing, they aren’t genuinely free because they cost you a TON of your TIME. And time is one of your most worthful assets since it’s irreplaceable.


You could spend weeks or even years learning how to do these things, and then spend a lot more time actually doing them, and finish up receiving very little or no real website traffic to speak of.


Aside from being extremely labor intensive, they likewise take a long time to return results.


Even with a “winning” free website traffic campaign, it could be months and months before you start seeing any significant amount of traffic – or income.


A different problem with free website traffic is that it’s unreliable, occasional, and it’s not “scalable.”


You never know how much Playable Adswebsite traffic you’re going to get or how much work you are going to have to do to get it. And if you want more hits, you have to keep hustling.


I do not know about you but that sounds just like a J-O-B to me. No thanks!


OK, So Paid Traffic Must Be The Answer Right?


The opposite type of traffic is “paid traffic.” This is where you go out and drop money to get traffic. The most popular ways of doing this include things like …


Pay-Per-Click/PPC advertising on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.

Purchasing banner ads on other best-selling sites with lots of traffic

Paying to run ads in targeted email newsletters or e-zines

Paying for Press Releases, “Sponsored Tweets” on Twitter, etc.

Buying Exit Pop-Ups (i.e. PPV) and other forms of low caliber traffic

With paid website traffic you can start getting traffic directly, but these all have their problems too.


The hugest problem is that it calls for a lot of testing and fine-tuning of your ad campaigns to find what works and what doesn’t. And the regrettable truth is that most of your “tests” will fail.


Paid traffic involves A LOT of danger because you could end up losing a lot of income before you figure out something that actually works. Most people run out of money before they get there.


To really make a go at it with paid website traffic you will need a colossal bankroll, and you need to swallow the fact that you could lose it all and run out of money before seeing any actual success.


That’s hardly not realistic for most people, particularly in this day and age.


So either way, acquiring website traffic isn’t as straightaway and easy as those people selling “how to get traffic” courses make it sound. Maybe you’ve bought some of them and you know this firsthand.


If not, just go browse any of the favourite Internet marketing forums and you will find innumerous people begging for help, losing money, and not seeing any real effects.


Now, here’s something fascinating I want you to consider …


How cool would it be if you could profit from affiliate and CPA marketing, but you did not have to worry about actually bringing forth any website traffic yourself?